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About Me

I grow up in Dallas,TX

My mother and father each had gardens when I was growing up.

Both sets of Grandparents grew gardens in Kansas and my Dad was raised on the farm until  he was 16

I spent summers in Kansas with my grandparents and had fun helping them garden. 

Some of the best stories I remember as a child were with my grandparents in the garden.  Don't get me wrong, I  got into a lot of trouble too, isn't that what summer's are for? Stories about all of us cousins and the lawn mowers still circulate at family reunions. Here's a hint, don't run over a garden hose with a riding mower. That takes a big knife to get the hose off the blade, of course if you have a sense of humor like my Grandma Leatha, you put the hose back into as good a coil as you can and leave it for Grandpa to find it. Also, to my baby brother Zach, riding mowers do better on the ground, not up a fence. 


My husband Jody grew up in Northern Utah, and both of his parents grew up on farms. His maternal grandfather was an Ag professor at USU.  

So both of us have had successful vegetable gardens in other areas of the country, but I was woefully unprepared for gardening in Las Vegas.